Your songs,  are great. Thanks Reni. Oregon…….     Good Evening, musicians never sleep, right?  I listened to your Jensong 1 album today.  I like the first song best- Middle of Persecution! Carolyn..Chandler Az

 818 538 8490   ​  That was great thanks for sharing the video Come back tomorrow have a good,nite there and God Bless..Jessica Lynn.  pic moon spacebiggg

  • Scott Jensens “New Day Will Bring, Such an upbeat tempo and a great feeling,another great Jensong.
    Your harmony was so perfect.. His guitar playing was just the right amount of hard, soft strokes to compliment the softness of his lyrics.. Love love love this one. So glad I purchased all of your and Scott Ros’s volumes!! of Jensongs music  I can’t wait to finish listing to them all. Can’t wait til volume 4 to see what magic Scott E Jensen and Scott I Ross brings to this next volume!! I am so grateful to be and to be so uplifted by your talent. Than you Scott Jensen and Scott Ross.. Keep up the good work!! I highly recommend anyone looking for outstanding talent and variety to purchase these songs so you can be as uplifted as I!! Kathleen Stress Sanducci. I highly recommend anyone looking for outstanding talent and variety to purchase these songs so you can be as uplifted as I!! Jensongs Music.

    Come back tomorrow, in my opinion, Is the best song Scott Jensen ever wrote and performed. I think he reached into his soul on this one. You can feel the passion pouring out throughout the entire song. I dare you to listen to the entire song and will bet you can’t without a tissue!! Bravo  this Is my all time fav.. This is what music “feels” like. Kathleen Stess Sanducci.
It was my pleasure Scott Jensen and Scott Ross. You are both very creative musicians and Scott Jensen you really know how to sing. Your voice is soft spoken when it’s meant to be in your songs. They are amazing and well written.. Scott Ross is a very creative writer on all the albums that I have listened to. Well put together and the creative sounds are incredible. I do attend to buy all of your albums. I can’t wait. Thank you Scott Jensen and Scott Ross….. You both are AWESOME. Courtney Hearts In Florida​I found some time for myself and listened to all the songs I bought. You 2 are absolutely out standing. The 1st song brought tears to my eyes. What I have Done To My Son. That I completely understood. I love that one. Your in the band. That song has a very true meaning. Cause all musicians have a story to tell through out the years. Awesome awesome song for sure. Courtney Hearts…in Florida…​Maybe I guess Possibly is my favorite. Sweet rhythm . Well written. It very creative as well. I will buy more from soon. Courtney….That was very cool to read Courtney’s review/take on our songs that she bought. I love reading how her emotions are affected by our songs. Really gives us even a stronger sense of pride in our creations. Scott E Jensen

Just listened to clips from Jensongs Vol 1 and im always waiting and what have you done to my son are awesome….Eleanor M Jones……… Just keep doing what makes YOU feel right, your music is great…Diane Urvan….

Love your songs…Julie Korotkov…..Cool. So here I go. Scott Jensens voice is like a haunted melody and the music it self wants you to slide down in your seat feeling comforted by each note that is played. I recommend that you should go deeper into his music and discover for yourself this beautiful interlude. Joyce Isaacson

Hi, my name is Bob Gaudio, and I just listened to a few songs by Scott Jensen on his site. Scott is a great singer/songwriter/guitarist and his songs can be sampled .. Do yourself a favor……buy Jensongs Vol 1 and jensongs Vol 2

Hi Scott I got your website sent to me via messenger and I have to tell you that I did listen to your music and it was beautifu I really enjoyed it thanks for sending it. You are very talented I just thought I’d let you know. Cindy Kelmis-Lundquist……………..

Kathy Nabor Denten / WOW!!! I listened to some of these promos and really like your music! Had no idea you sounded so great! ……. Joyce Isaacson: What a experience. You had me at the edge f the seat…..Hi Scott, I believe I just “said” that it was very cool, that I shared it, I thought that the vocals sounded really good Anyway, I can see why the song won the grand prize! John Miniskis…….about A friend like you…song. Thanks John

I want to order the Jensongs 1, album,
Please let me know…………..
how I can order the tunes. I have both VISA and PayPal
options available.  Brian Hagen  Thanks Brian we added all Pay buttons now.

I did and enjoyed your songs…..Nancy Marani